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LaserSpeed byBetaLaserMike 255x501

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Non-Contact Length and Speed Laser Encoder


The Beta LaserMike LaserSpeed encoder by NDC Technologies measures the length and speed of any moving surface with ±0.03% accuracy and without ever contacting the product. It is a proven performer in a wide range of industrial applications

LaserSpeed is easy to install and use. It has no moving parts and is factory calibrated for low-maintenance operation. Its compact, smart design makes it the ideal replacement for error-prone, rotary encoders. LaserSpeed is also Measuring Instrument Directive (MID) Certified and meets the 2014/32/EU Standard for Length Measurement. Join the long list of satisfied LaserSpeed customers worldwide. Start realizing the quality, productivity, and bottom-line benefits today.


LaserSpeed...The global leader in length and speed measurement.


Pipe & Tube


Manufacturers of pipe and tube require the accurate length measurement of products. Accurate length measurements control cutting systems that produce products to exact production and customer size specifications. Accurate length measurements also enable manufacturers to properly position pipe and tubes to mark them with important product information. However, many manufacturers still use mechanical contact encoders to perform these measurements not realizing they are getting 1% or greater accuracy at best due to slippage and mechanical issues. Length discrepancies can directly affect product quality and create waste, costing the manufacturer significantly.

LaserSpeed offers the accuracy advantage

The LaserSpeed non-contact encoder directly measures the length and speed of pipe and tube products with better than ±0.03% accuracy, 0.02% repeatability. It is the ideal solution for replacing your mechanical contact encoders that are prone to a variety of measurement errors and high maintenance costs. LaserSpeed is a proven performer in:

  • Continuous length measurement
  • Speed measurement
  • Discrete product measurement
  • Differential speed control
  • Cut-to-length control
  • Product positioning for marking/printing
  • And more...

Lower cost of ownership, longer savings

LaserSpeed is all about high performance and long-term reliability, enabling you to realize the lowest total cost of ownership. It has no moving parts to wear out and is permanently calibrated. This reduces the need to shut down your line for routine adjustments or maintenance so you maximize uptime. You win in significant time and money savings. Install LaserSpeed today


Application: Continuous Length and Speed

inPipeTubeApps img1

Pipe manufacturer uses LaserSpeed to measure the continuous length and speed of seamless pipe for quality control.

Application: Cut Control

inPipeTubeApps img2

Manufacturer uses LaserSpeed to control the precise cutting of automotive brace tubes. LaserSpeed ensures better than ±0.03% accuracy and 0.02% repeatability in process operations.

Application: Continuous Length Verification

inPipeTubeApps img3

 Manufacturer accurately verifies the length of structural steel tube during production to ensure product meets fabrication specifications.

Wire / Cables


 Wire and cable manufacturers face a number of production challenges based around productivity and quality. The goal is to ensure optimum efficiency from the equipment and people that operate the plant. A key to making this happen is the ability to accurately measure the length and speed of products during production. But if you’re using mechanical contact encoders to perform these measurements, you’re probably getting 1% or greater accuracy at best. This means you’re throwing away money due to waste, maintenance, or product give-away.

LaserSpeed delivers the highest accuracy and savings

LaserSpeed uses advanced laser-based technology to perform measurements without contacting your wire and cable products. You avoid those costly measurement inaccuracies caused by slippage, dirt build-up, and day-to-day wear from mechanical contact encoders. You get ±0.03% accuracy and 0.02% reliability in applications such as:

  • Continuous length measurement at take-up reels
  • Cut-to-length control
  • Differential speed regulation
  • Product positioning
  • Marking/printing on products
  • And more…

Realize increased productivity and cost savings

Regardless of your production line speeds or product types, LaserSpeed delivers precise and repeatable measurements day-in and day-out, from production run to production run. No moving parts and permanent calibration means no maintenance and no downtime. You realize the lowest cost of ownership. Plus, you win in significant time and money savings. Try LaserSpeed today


Application: Marking/Printing

inWireCable img1

LaserSpeed used at cable manufacturing facility to accurately control sequential printing applications. LaserSpeed is installed alongside the printing system before take-up reel.

inWireCable img2

Wire manufacturer uses LaserSpeed to accuratley measure the continuous length of product to ensure spools are wound with the correct amount of wire for ultimate delivery to customers.




Building Materials

building materials








Tire / Rubber




wire / cables






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Winder "Wire / coil wire"

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Multifunction Robot

PR 1 2




Condor is a latest generation multifunction robot used at the end of the line with palletisation systems. The robot is equipped with gripping heads able to handle any type of container and can be programmed to handle different products at the same time.



Condor is used in medium-low speed production lines of the food and beverage sectors. It is a robot that can move along 4 or 6 axes and can be associated with the Twisterbox, providing a complete palletisation system. The robot can aso be used as a crater or decrater. The main reason that the Condor can be integrated into a packaging line is due to the gripping heads that ACMI designs on a made to measure basis for any type of container. The gripping head can perform up to 3 functions at the same time: handling the product, inserting the interlayers and positioning the pallets. One of the most common applications for which the robot is more appropriate than a traditional palletiser is the handling of multiliners. These are lines that produce different products at the same time. Condor can handle and palletise, on different pallets, two products with packaging of different dimensions or can palletise simultaneously the packed product on one side and the loose product on the other. 


The Condor robot is also used for the palletisation of loose bottles on "pallet displays". The machine is able to handle the palletisation on whole and half pallets.



Flexibility and reliability are the strengths of this machine. The flexibility is the ability to handle any format by means of suitable gripping heads. It is important to stress that the gripping head changeovers can take place fully automatically, without any operator intervention. The reliability of the machine is ensured by the strength of the materials used which also implies less maintenance. The Condor robot is a machine that does not require any further intervention once the operating cycle has been programmed. It is also possible to add new formats over the course of time through the simple re-programming and use of specific gripping heads.


The Condor robot can be equipped with an automatic head changeover system that ensures greater productivity and reduced format changeover times. It is an accessory that is particularly useful on multiformat lines.



One of the most interesting applications is the one that sees the Condor robot used as a crater, decrater and carton packer. In this version the robot is effectively used on returnable and non returnable glass lines, both with carton packaging and plastic crates.



The exceptional flexibility of this machine is demonstrated by the ability to handle at the same time different products from separate lines and palletise them onto dedicated pallets. In other words, the Condor can handle packs with different dimensions and palletise them is such a way as to form two identical pallets.  Another interesting application is where the Condor palletises, on the one hand, loose bottles using a “tulip” head and, on the other, cartons or packs using an “openable platform” head. In this configuration, the layer of cartons or packs is prepared by the Twisterbox and the head changeover to handle the two different formats, loose bottles and cartons, takes place fully automatically.

Big bottles


The 4 or 6 axes Condor robot can be used on a bottling line for 5 gallon bottles and for big bottles. Through a series of specially designed conveyors, the big bottles reach the work area where they are picked up by the robot and inserted into special racks or palletised onto a traditional pallet. In this type of line, the Condor can perform both palletisation and depalletisation functions, in alternating cycles, too. The products can be stored on racks and on traditional pallets without the need to change the gripping head but simply by operating the work programme. In addition to the 5 gallon containers, the Condor robot can handle big bottles such as, for example, those of 10 to 15 litres. Thanks to the multifunction heads, the robot is able to handle, during the work cycle, interlayers and pallets, too.

Hình ảnh

PR 1a 4


PR 2a 2


PR 5b 2


PR 6 2


PR 10 2


PR 8b 2


PR 11 2


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Pallet Stretch Wrappers

PAv 1




Vortex is a rotating ring stretch wrapper able to reach very high speeds. It consists of a structural steel frame with an innovative stretch wrapper ring that moves inside it. The efficiency of this system revolves around the electronic pre-stretching unit that is able to vary continuously the film pre-stretching level. This stretch wrapper is ideal for handling half and quarter pallets and can reach a top speed of 150 pallets per hour.



The Vortex stretch wrapper can mount reels with heights of 500 mm, 750 mm or 1,000 mm and is suitable for high capacity production lines. In fact, the strong frame, the automatic pre-stretching unit changeover systems and other interesting details make the Vortex stretch wrapper a very high performance machine. The special, very compact structure makes it possible to insert this exceptional machine even into layouts which have very little space available or integrate it with the Compakt palletiser structure containing, in fact, a good portion of the end of line in a few metres. The height is also reduced to a minimum considering that the top presser, when installed, is contained entirely in the main structure.



The search for the pallet height is automatic and the film welding system is “bar against bar” without welding the film on the product. Thanks to the double brushless motorisation, the film unwinding speed undergoes continuous variations to be able to coordinate with the ring rotation speed and therefore ensure constant film tension. With this new stretch wrapper it is possible to create totally customizable stretch wrapping and tensioning programmes. In addition to the above-mentioned advantages and features, it is interesting to highlight the top speed of 150 pallets per hour, the roping system, the automatic pre-stretching changeover system, the pre-stretching capacity of 400% and the possibility of applying the top cover or the hermetic cycle. The Vortex stretch wrapper is an ideal solution for handling half and quarter pallets.

Automatic Changeover


The system consists of two motorized pre-stretching trolleys capable of moving along linear guides that are installed on the side of the machine and convey the pre-stretching unit towards the operator intervention zone. The operation is very simple, once the working reel of film has finished or if the stretch wrapping cycle stops because the film breaks, the machine starts the automatic pre-stretching unit changeover procedure and stops the pre-stretching to be replaced at the free trolley on which it is unhooked. Then it moves to the second trolley position, hooks the second pre-stretching equipped with a new reel and resumes the stretch wrapping cycle. The pre-stretching unit with the finished reel is led to the safety zone where the operator can intervene without interfering with the operation of the machine.

Pre-stretching Unit


The machine is equipped with a film pre-stretching system which houses the reel and consists of two independent motorized rollers. This particular high-tech solution is the one which more than any other has an impact on the actual convenience of this type of machine. In fact, thanks to the fully electronic management of all the pre-stretching parameters, Vortex allows considerable film saving. If the characteristics of the film allow it, the machine can reach a pre-stretching percentage of 400% and, what is even more interesting, the electronic management allows total customization of the stretch wrapping cycle, including the roping. This system always makes it possible to use the ideal amount of film, optimizing reel consumption and providing accurate information about the amount of film that is actually used.

Hình ảnh

PAv 2 1


PAv 3


PAv 3b 1


PAv 5 1


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PEp 1 1




Easypack is an innovative packaging system which does not use glue or shrink wrapping to pack together several products. Easypack forms the packs using special, fully printable and customizable bands of extensible material called “sleeves” that are placed around the products. The group of products formed in this way is called a multipack.




Easypack is used in all those cases where it is necessary to pack together two or more products to form packs of 2, 4 or 6 pieces which are named respectively bipack, fourpack and sixpack. The machine reaches a speed that can be safely inserted into a modern bottling line and performs the same function of the shrink wrapper but using different technology, with considerable advantages in terms of costs and maintenance. Therefore, the machine represents an interesting alternative for the production of innovative packs that meet the needs of the modern consumer both in terms of practicality and external appearance. The insertion of the machine within the line saves space, too.



The main advantages of this system are represented by the great packaging flexibility that may vary from the pack of two products up to that of six and by the possibility of complete customization of the “sleeve” that can be printed in all its extension increasing the effectiveness of communication at the point of sale. From a technical point of view the machine does not use glue or heat which is beneficial both for the environment and the workplace. In addition, purchasing, running and maintenance costs are considerably reduced, too. Finally, it is important to point out the simplicity of operation, the reduced maintenance and the rather limited overall dimensions. Thanks to these features and the new packaging concept Easypack introduces, the world of packaging can count on a revolutionary system that meets the main needs of  modern production, one of which is the ability to regularly innovate product packaging.

Application Heads


The application heads are arranged in line and are driven by brushless motors. They are built in aluminium alloy and move along low friction linear guides. On each application head a special detail allows the sleeve to slip away from the gripper with the highest precision at the time of its release around the product. Once it has been applied, the sleeve remains perfectly taut giving a better appearance than a shrink wrap pack. The application of the sleeves takes place continuously through a fluid and constant movement, while the height of application is adjusted and defined according to the work programme and the type of product to be packaged. There are several types of application heads, the choice of which type of head to install depends on production requirements. The speed of each head is 60 packs per minute.



The machine may consist of two, three or four modules, each capable of housing an application head. The application heads can be of three types: application head for bipack (two products), application head for fourpack (four products) and application head for sixpack (six products).

Handel Applicator


Easypack can be connected directly to the Viper handle applicator, without the need of any intermediate conveyors, forming an exceptional system in terms of space occupied and functions carried out. The application of the handle, which can be fully printed and customized, facilitates the transport of the pack to the point of sale by the final consumer and can be applied to all types of packaging: bipack, fourpack and sixpack. With this configuration Easypack becomes an extremely functional machine, able to receive the labelled product and pack it for the final palletisation phase. Including Easypack in a packaging line means designing a compact, flexible, reliable and efficient system.

Hình Ảnh

 PEp 1b2


PEp 2c


500x207 images stories sanpham p ea1


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PF 1c 2




Fenix is the name of the shrink wrappers “Made in ACMI”. These machines have the task of packaging together several units of product using shrink wrap film or suitable trays. The products packed in this way form the “pack” which is then transferred to the palletisation phase.




The packaging phase can be carried out with four different systems: by means of shrink wrap film, a flat interlayer with shrink wrap film, trays and, finally, trays with shrink wrap film. Using the most suitable of the above-mentioned systems, the Fenix shrink wrapper is able to pack any type of container belonging to the beverage or food sector like, for example, PET bottles of any shape or size, cans, jars, etc. The shrink wrapper is an essential machine for the correct and rational handling of the container which, coming out of the filling phase, needs to be grouped and joined properly. This procedure, of course, improves the subsequent product storage and shipping phases as well as its visibility on the shop shelf.



ACMI designs and manufactures high efficiency shrink wrappers. High performance, robust construction, reliability and a prompt after-sales service are the hallmarks of the Fenix range. The design is carried out by a team dedicated exclusively to the development of this machine. This assures the customer that they are purchasing a machine that is always at the forefront of technology with regular mechanical and software updates. ACMI is also aware of the requirements of the operators working on the production line. This focus results in an intuitive touch screen control panel, easy accessibility to the parts subject to routine intervention and highly simplified format changeover operations. Finally, thanks to the choice of using standard high quality components, ACMI frees the customer from the costly dependence in terms of spare parts and materials for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the machine and ensures a certain degree of autonomy in case of urgent interventions.

  • Available with one, two or three lanes
  • Top speed of 100 packs per minute (for each lane)
  • Film only; interlayer+film; tray; tray+film
  • Low consumption oven resistances
  • Self-lubricating chains and devices
  • Simple and fast format changeover operations
  • Automatic film changeover system with external reel carrier box
  • The film unwinder is controlled electronically
  • In the event of a black-out the machine does not require re-phasing
  • Ventilated conveyors at the oven outfeed
  • Automatic shutters at the oven infeed and outfeed
  • The specific design allows the use of only one type of motor and inverter on the entire machine, thus reducing the cost of the spare parts warehouse managed by the customer
  • No maintenanc



The oven is one of the main components of the shrink wrapper. An electronic system controls the igniting of the oven resistances to maximise efficiency. The resistances work alternately so as to ensure reliability and durability. If there is a fault on one of the resistances, the electronic system operates in such a way as to compensate for the damaged resistance with those that are still working. Access to the oven resistances for maintenance operations is ensured by a practical system of easily removable protective casings. Inside the oven there is a special patented belt with reduced energy absorption, while at the outfeed there is a conveyor which joins the oven belt to the other conveyors. This connection is ventilated so as to enable the correct thermal transition of the pack.

Cutting Zone


The film cutting zone was designed to be easily accessible in case of intervention and for maintenance operations. Equally simple and fast are the cutting unit adjustment operations by the operator when intervening during the format changeover procedure.

Automatic Changeover


ACMI introduced a revolutionary system for the automatic film changeover consisting of an external box to the machine body, positioned between the oven and operator zone, which holds two reels of shrink wrap film. The system is very simple as it is intelligent, both films unfold from the two reels housed in the box which, following two parallel and independent paths inside the machine body, meet at the cutting zone under the product sliding plane. The film of the finished reel and that of the new reel inserted by the operator are welded and ergonomically placed at eye level, facilitated by a system that allows perfect alignment of the two films to be welded. It is important to point out that the film changeover phases do not affect the shrink wrapper operation since they take place simultaneously with the work cycle.

Hình Ảnh

PF 2 2


PF 3 2


PF 5b 2


PF 7 2


PF 8 2



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ACMI - Palletiser and Depalletiser

PP home 1 1

In assosciation with the Twisterbox and Twisterbox Twin layer formation system, the Acmi palletisers are an ideal solution for an end of line of excellence. The palletiser product range is divided into four categories, each characterised by speed and specific performances. The Faster series is characterised as a machine with high production levels, the Thunder series medium-high speed, and the Rasar medium-low production levels, the Compakt series is a highly innovative range of machines which caters for high performances with a reduction of space required.

500x316 images stories sanpham palletiser compact1

Rasar for Medium Low Speed
Thunder for Medium High Speed
Compak for Compact
Faster for High speed: 600 layers/hour ( 140.000 can per hour)

500x340 images stories sanpham high speed palletiser1

The high speed Acmi palletisers are all part of the Faster series. This machine is capable of palletising up to 600 layers/hr in the high speed version, named HS. The Faster is a high level infeed machine capable of reaching elevated production speeds.

The Faster is a palletiser for cartons, packs, cluster and multipacks. This particular machine is characterised by the high level layer infeed which guarantees high production speeds. Depending on the speed of the line and the palletisation requirements the machine may be fed by more than one infeed (multiliner). The Faster is capable of handling half or whole pallets and it may also be equipped with an interlayer application device. The Faster may also be equipped with a centring device which guarantees the perfect positioning of the interlayer on the pallet. The machine is also available in the depalletisation version.


Mọi thông tin chi tiết vui lòng liên hệ với chúng tôi:



42B Lê Trực, phường 7, quận Bình Thạnh, TP HCM, Việt Nam, 70000

Tel: 08 3512 5670 (06 lines)     Fax: 08 35 128 129  

Hotline: 091 661 7376

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Máy in thùng carton

Máy in phun công nghệ xanh thế hệ mới thân thiện với môi trường


Chúng tôi xin giới thiệu dòng máy in phun thế hệ mới, tiết kiệm chi phí vận hành, giảm thời gian bảo trì hơn các loại máy in thùng DOD chữ to với nhiều đặc tính nổi bật như:





  • Thông tin in rõ, đẹp hơn. Giống như chữ liền nét ( in văn phòng).
  • Máy in phun độ phân giải cao, chuyên dùng in date/code, logo, hình ảnh, barcode, 2D codes.
  • Chỉ sử dụng mực, không dùng dung môi.
  • Chuyên in thùng, in chai, lọ, bào bì các loại...
  • Tốc độ lên đến 90m/s
  • Chiều cao in được: lên đến 125mm. ( Cao hơn xin liên hệ để được tư vấn sản phẩm phù hợp).
  • Chiều dài thông tin in tối đa 2m.
  • Có nhiều loại mực khác nhau: đen, xanh, đỏ, food grade...


primary packaging more2D coding

Mọi thông tin chi tiết vui lòng liên hệ với chúng tôi:


42B Lê Trực, phường 7, quận Bình Thạnh, TP HCM, Việt Nam, 70000

Tel: 028 3512 5670 (06 lines)     Fax: 028 35 128 129  

Hotline: 091 661 7376

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Steam Generators

anlage 941w highres






CERTUSS E: Strong performance in two versions

CERTUSS Elektro steam generators are compact, powerful and economical. In Germany, electric versions do not require approval for installation and operation.



E 6 M – E 72 M

E 100




Steam capacity kg/h

8 – 97

135 / 160

Heating capacity kW

6 – 72

100 / 120

Height / Width / Depth mm

1850 / 880 /680

1925 / 1005 / 800


Stainless steel version

Stainless steel version

We reserve the right to make modifications

The sizes: E 100 and E 120

· In two output capacities of 100 - 120 kW heat output.

· Fully electronic pressure and output control.

· Compact stainless steel heating rod with low heating surface load, placed laterally on the pressure body for easy access.

· Constant network load without consumption peaks.

· Integrated multifunction display.

· Multilanguage plain text indication.

The compact: E 6 M – E 72 M

· In 14 different output sizes.

· Easy-to-service compact device – easy to operate.

· Direct access to all parts from the front for easy maintenance.

· Fully electronic pressure and output control, immediate load adjustment.

· Function and malfunction indications can be linked to central control system / building services control system provided by customer.

· Low space requirement, reduced and robust heavy-duty model in elegant design.

· Fully automatic operation by means of time control or remote pulse (optional).

· Automatic clarification and desalination (optional).

CERTUSS E: All the advantages offered by CERTUSS technology

  • Low space requirement through upright design, like all CERTUSS steam generators.
  • Series production.
  • Installation in workspaces permitted.
  • Fits through all standard doors.
  • Only a few minutes heat-up time.
  • Immediate load adjustment.
  • Fully automatic operation with time switch or via remote pulse (with supplementary equipment).
  • Electric heating rods made of P 250GH or stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel version of all boiler parts coming into contact with water and steam for pure steam generation possible.
  • Function and malfunction indications can be transferred to PLC/central control system provided by customer.
  • Optionally with supply unit for water conditioning.
  • No permit required for installation and use in Germany.
  • Competent customer service and exemplary spare part provision.

Junior 80-400 TC

Steam generators of the new generation

The generators of the model  Junior 80-400 TC are fully equipped, ready for operation, electronically controlled steam generators including all mandatory safety features concerning combustion, pressure and temperature.

 Junior TC Homepage


Junior TC


Öl or gas


Steam capacity kg/h

80 – 120

150 – 200

250 – 400


Heating capacity kW

53 – 79

99 – 131

164 – 262


Nominal load kW

58 – 87

109 – 145

182 – 291


Height / Width / Depth mm

1500 / 700 / 1210

1750 / 740 / 1375

1850 / 830 / 1510


Operating pressure max. bar

8 / 14 / 22 / 29


Max. permissible overpressure bar

10 / 16 / 25 / 32


We reserve the right to make modifications


Universal 700-1800 SC

Versatile and powerful.

CERTUSS steam generators of the Universal SC series are manufactured with oil, gas or combination combustion, in three sizes. Either individually or combined they meet every demand and have less-restricted official conditions for use in Germany.

universal SC 


Universal SC


Oil, gas or a combination

Steam capacity kg/h

700 – 850

1000 – 1300

1500 – 1800

Heating capacity kW

459 – 557

656 – 853

984 – 1180

Nominal load kW

510 – 619

728 – 947

1093 – 1311

Height / Width / Depth mm

2290 / 1070 / 1835

2535 / 1210 / 2020

2675 / 1350 / 2300

Operating pressure max. bar

8 / 14 / 22 / 29

Max. permissible overpressure bar

10 / 16 / 25 / 32

We reserve the right to make modifications

CERTUSS Universal - all the advantages of the CERTUSS technology

  • Low space requirement.
  • Installation in operating rooms, no foundation required.
  • Robust all-steel design.
  • Patented double-shell air cooling, no insulation materials, low emitting loss.
  • Air intake from above, trapped heat in boiler house extracted, floor dust remains.
  • Integrated low-emission CERTUSS burner system.
  • Noise and vibration damping, elastic aggregate fastening.
  • Energy-saving immediate adapting to the demand.
  • Vertical expansion-free central mounting of the heating system with low-point clarification.
  • Replaceable evaporation zone.
  • When required rapid cleaning of the heating systems, no dismantling required.
  • CERTUSS steam generators of the Universal series can optionally be equipped for operation without manual intervention up to 72 hours in accordance with DIN EN 12952-7.
  • The steam generators are supplied with complete accessories as ready-to-operate, ready-for connection units (CVE).
  • If wished, partial or complete installation.
  • Complete delivery using special vehicles.
  • Customer service and spare part provision are recognized as exemplary


Universal 500-1800 TC

The new generation of a proven series. The steam generators CERTUSS Universal 500 - 1800 TC are characterized by the immediate modulating output adjustment and the simplified operation.

CERTUSS steam generators of the Universal series are manufactured with oil, gas or combination combustion, in four sizes. Either individually or combined they meet every demand and have less-restricted official conditions for use in Germany.



Universal TC


Oil, gas or a combination

Steam capacity kg/h

500 – 600

700 – 850

1000 – 1300

1500 – 1800

Heating capacity kW

328 – 393

459 – 557

656 - 853

984 – 1180

Nominal load kW

364 – 436

510 – 619

728 - 947

1093 – 1311

Height / Width / Depth mm

1980 / 930 / 1600

2290 / 1160 / 1870

2535 / 1260 / 2125

2675 / 1380 / 2310

Operating pressure max. bar

8 / 14 / 18 / 22 / 29

8 / 14 / 22 / 29

Max. permissible overpressure bar

10 / 16 / 20 / 25 / 32

10 / 16 / 25 / 32

We reserve the right to make modifications

CERTUSS Universal - all the advantages of the CERTUSS technology



  • Extremely high degree of efficiency (with Economiser up to 98% and with 2nd heat exchanger up to 102%). Through the 3-fold air insulation with simultaneous preheating of combustion air at very low emission losses.
  • Short heat-up time. Full steam output is reached after a maximum of 5 minutes.
  • Immediate output adjustment to the respective stream requirements which saves energy and thus costs.
  • With gas burner equipment modulating output control between 50 and 100% steam output (at oil operation via two output stages 50 and 100%).
  • Low-maintenance, continuous speed-controlled feed water pump.
  • Low-emission burner developed specially to latest European standards for all sizes.

User friendliness

  • Notably simplified operation through self-explanatory touch screen menu navigation.
  • Graphically supported start and shutdown instructions.
  • Optional "Thermotimat" automatic system for fully automatic operation, without manual intervention.
  • Remote control and control via Ethernet and mobile communications as an option.
  • Optionally: "CVE" supply unit as complete boiler housing installation of boiler feed pump, steam dryer, water conditioning and waste-water mixing heat exchanger.

Operation and installation

  • Secure installation without foundation at low space requirements.
  • Can be installed in work areas, no boiler housing required.
  • No permit required for installation and use in Germany up to Category III.
  • Standard equipping for operation without manual intervention in Germany. 
  • Multiple-layer user management.

Safety and quality

  • Function and malfunction indications can be linked to central control system / building services control system provided by customer.
  • Can be remotely programmed and read out or controlled via Ethernet, CAN bus, PROFIBUS or GSM/UMTS modem (optional).
  • Customer service standby 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Spare parts supply guaranteed for 25 years.
  • Function and error messages as well as service instructions through clear text display in all languages. 

Advantages at a glance

  • Robust all-steel design with double-shell air cooling without insulation materials.
  • Air intake from above, trapped heat in boiler house extracted, floor dust remains.
  • Noise and vibration damping, elastic aggregate fastening.
  • Flue-gas recycling (NOx reduction) optional.
  • Vertical tension-free central mounting of the heating system with low-point clarification.
  • Recognized exemplary service.
  • Can optionally be equipped with burners for EL heating oil, natural gas, liquid gas or combined (natural gas/EL heating oil) tested and approved by the TÜV-Rheinland-Berlin-Brandenburg in accordance with the latest EU regulations for burners



Tuesday, 21 June 2016 12:08

Multi-Head Weigher

incline infeed conveyor





Giới thiệu

The Weigher system mechanical design provides a clean and uncluttered machine. This special design offers high hygiene standard  with no place for bacteria to hide.
The innovative stainless steel open frame construction reduces washdown time and service time by more than 50%. 
The Weigher system is completely stainless steel constructed and is available in dimpled or glass-blasted models. All contact parts are tool-less removable and there are no points of contamination, perfect for operations that adopt HACCP principles


·    Provides effortless access to all main components.
·    All contact parts are designed for quick and easy removal.
·    Special design of electrical enclosure for convenience and safety during washdown.
·    Product change over and cleaning: very simple task.
·    Setting the height of the hopper is effortless.
Many more advanced features… for more details, please submit your enquiry or contact us now:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">

Hot Line: 091 661 7376

Tel: 08 3512 5670 (04 lines)

Thông số kỹ thuật

Bucket Volume Head Configuration Weight Range Cycles per minute
0.5L 10, 14 Up to 200 g Up to 120
2.5L 10, 14, 16, 24 Up to 6 kg Up to 140+
5L 10, 14 Up to 25 kg Up to 80+

·    Open frame 304 stainless steel construction
·    Tool-less design
·    Modular construction & drive assemblies
·    Individual product slide chutes for increased speeds with no spiraling
·    Swing out hopper assembly
·    Remote mounted electrical controls for fast servicing and convenience



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