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Fenix is the name of the shrink wrappers “Made in ACMI”. These machines have the task of packaging together several units of product using shrink wrap film or suitable trays. The products packed in this way form the “pack” which is then transferred to the palletisation phase.




The packaging phase can be carried out with four different systems: by means of shrink wrap film, a flat interlayer with shrink wrap film, trays and, finally, trays with shrink wrap film. Using the most suitable of the above-mentioned systems, the Fenix shrink wrapper is able to pack any type of container belonging to the beverage or food sector like, for example, PET bottles of any shape or size, cans, jars, etc. The shrink wrapper is an essential machine for the correct and rational handling of the container which, coming out of the filling phase, needs to be grouped and joined properly. This procedure, of course, improves the subsequent product storage and shipping phases as well as its visibility on the shop shelf.



ACMI designs and manufactures high efficiency shrink wrappers. High performance, robust construction, reliability and a prompt after-sales service are the hallmarks of the Fenix range. The design is carried out by a team dedicated exclusively to the development of this machine. This assures the customer that they are purchasing a machine that is always at the forefront of technology with regular mechanical and software updates. ACMI is also aware of the requirements of the operators working on the production line. This focus results in an intuitive touch screen control panel, easy accessibility to the parts subject to routine intervention and highly simplified format changeover operations. Finally, thanks to the choice of using standard high quality components, ACMI frees the customer from the costly dependence in terms of spare parts and materials for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the machine and ensures a certain degree of autonomy in case of urgent interventions.

  • Available with one, two or three lanes
  • Top speed of 100 packs per minute (for each lane)
  • Film only; interlayer+film; tray; tray+film
  • Low consumption oven resistances
  • Self-lubricating chains and devices
  • Simple and fast format changeover operations
  • Automatic film changeover system with external reel carrier box
  • The film unwinder is controlled electronically
  • In the event of a black-out the machine does not require re-phasing
  • Ventilated conveyors at the oven outfeed
  • Automatic shutters at the oven infeed and outfeed
  • The specific design allows the use of only one type of motor and inverter on the entire machine, thus reducing the cost of the spare parts warehouse managed by the customer
  • No maintenanc



The oven is one of the main components of the shrink wrapper. An electronic system controls the igniting of the oven resistances to maximise efficiency. The resistances work alternately so as to ensure reliability and durability. If there is a fault on one of the resistances, the electronic system operates in such a way as to compensate for the damaged resistance with those that are still working. Access to the oven resistances for maintenance operations is ensured by a practical system of easily removable protective casings. Inside the oven there is a special patented belt with reduced energy absorption, while at the outfeed there is a conveyor which joins the oven belt to the other conveyors. This connection is ventilated so as to enable the correct thermal transition of the pack.

Cutting Zone


The film cutting zone was designed to be easily accessible in case of intervention and for maintenance operations. Equally simple and fast are the cutting unit adjustment operations by the operator when intervening during the format changeover procedure.

Automatic Changeover


ACMI introduced a revolutionary system for the automatic film changeover consisting of an external box to the machine body, positioned between the oven and operator zone, which holds two reels of shrink wrap film. The system is very simple as it is intelligent, both films unfold from the two reels housed in the box which, following two parallel and independent paths inside the machine body, meet at the cutting zone under the product sliding plane. The film of the finished reel and that of the new reel inserted by the operator are welded and ergonomically placed at eye level, facilitated by a system that allows perfect alignment of the two films to be welded. It is important to point out that the film changeover phases do not affect the shrink wrapper operation since they take place simultaneously with the work cycle.

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