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Hệ thống Multipacker

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Easypack is an innovative packaging system which does not use glue or shrink wrapping to pack together several products. Easypack forms the packs using special, fully printable and customizable bands of extensible material called “sleeves” that are placed around the products. The group of products formed in this way is called a multipack.




Easypack is used in all those cases where it is necessary to pack together two or more products to form packs of 2, 4 or 6 pieces which are named respectively bipack, fourpack and sixpack. The machine reaches a speed that can be safely inserted into a modern bottling line and performs the same function of the shrink wrapper but using different technology, with considerable advantages in terms of costs and maintenance. Therefore, the machine represents an interesting alternative for the production of innovative packs that meet the needs of the modern consumer both in terms of practicality and external appearance. The insertion of the machine within the line saves space, too.



The main advantages of this system are represented by the great packaging flexibility that may vary from the pack of two products up to that of six and by the possibility of complete customization of the “sleeve” that can be printed in all its extension increasing the effectiveness of communication at the point of sale. From a technical point of view the machine does not use glue or heat which is beneficial both for the environment and the workplace. In addition, purchasing, running and maintenance costs are considerably reduced, too. Finally, it is important to point out the simplicity of operation, the reduced maintenance and the rather limited overall dimensions. Thanks to these features and the new packaging concept Easypack introduces, the world of packaging can count on a revolutionary system that meets the main needs of  modern production, one of which is the ability to regularly innovate product packaging.

Application Heads


The application heads are arranged in line and are driven by brushless motors. They are built in aluminium alloy and move along low friction linear guides. On each application head a special detail allows the sleeve to slip away from the gripper with the highest precision at the time of its release around the product. Once it has been applied, the sleeve remains perfectly taut giving a better appearance than a shrink wrap pack. The application of the sleeves takes place continuously through a fluid and constant movement, while the height of application is adjusted and defined according to the work programme and the type of product to be packaged. There are several types of application heads, the choice of which type of head to install depends on production requirements. The speed of each head is 60 packs per minute.



The machine may consist of two, three or four modules, each capable of housing an application head. The application heads can be of three types: application head for bipack (two products), application head for fourpack (four products) and application head for sixpack (six products).

Handel Applicator


Easypack can be connected directly to the Viper handle applicator, without the need of any intermediate conveyors, forming an exceptional system in terms of space occupied and functions carried out. The application of the handle, which can be fully printed and customized, facilitates the transport of the pack to the point of sale by the final consumer and can be applied to all types of packaging: bipack, fourpack and sixpack. With this configuration Easypack becomes an extremely functional machine, able to receive the labelled product and pack it for the final palletisation phase. Including Easypack in a packaging line means designing a compact, flexible, reliable and efficient system.

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