ECONOCORP Case Packing

ECONOCORP Case Packing Solutions
Our case packer equipment is designed to offer automated solutions for low to moderate production needs for a variety of manufacturing companies. The ultimate goal is to help our clients increase their production while saving on time and labor costs with equipment that is easy to use and requires low maintenance. Our most popular case packing equipment includes:

Our case packing equipment is sturdy and is made with heavy duty construction, including caster mounting. Although our standard equipment is designed to handle cases/cartons within set measurement standards, we also have equipment to handle cartons that are outside of the normal measurement perimeters upon request.

Our case packing equipment solutions are the cornerstone of our business. The ECONOSEAL product line that was created in the late 1960′s was so successful that we changed our name to ECONOCORP Inc. in 1976 to eliminate confusion for our clients. Although we now offer many other types of equipment, case packing still is a large part of our product line and some of our most popular products.

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