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ACMI - Palletiser and Depalletiser

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In assosciation with the Twisterbox and Twisterbox Twin layer formation system, the Acmi palletisers are an ideal solution for an end of line of excellence. The palletiser product range is divided into four categories, each characterised by speed and specific performances. The Faster series is characterised as a machine with high production levels, the Thunder series medium-high speed, and the Rasar medium-low production levels, the Compakt series is a highly innovative range of machines which caters for high performances with a reduction of space required.

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Rasar for Medium Low Speed
Thunder for Medium High Speed
Compak for Compact
Faster for High speed: 600 layers/hour ( 140.000 can per hour)

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The high speed Acmi palletisers are all part of the Faster series. This machine is capable of palletising up to 600 layers/hr in the high speed version, named HS. The Faster is a high level infeed machine capable of reaching elevated production speeds.

The Faster is a palletiser for cartons, packs, cluster and multipacks. This particular machine is characterised by the high level layer infeed which guarantees high production speeds. Depending on the speed of the line and the palletisation requirements the machine may be fed by more than one infeed (multiliner). The Faster is capable of handling half or whole pallets and it may also be equipped with an interlayer application device. The Faster may also be equipped with a centring device which guarantees the perfect positioning of the interlayer on the pallet. The machine is also available in the depalletisation version.


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