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Giới thiệu

Hệ thống kiểm tra mức chiết rót trên băng tải nhỏ gọn cho dây chuyền chai Thủy tinh, chai PET và Lon.

BBULL COMPACT LINE systems have been proven for many years as quality inspection systems in production lines all over the world. The reliability and simplicity of the systems in connection with minimum installation requirements and an outstanding cost/benefit relation have made BBULL COMPACT LINE one of the most used inspection systems in the beverage industry. With the systems of the 2. generation, BBULL has adapted the proven concept to current technical requirements and possibilities.
For data processing and control, latest 32-bit processors allow improved processing with optimized performance and extended features. The big alphanumeric displays allow also the monitoring of uni-code signs in order to present the counters in all relevant languages (e.g. Cyrillic, Chinese, …).
Operation is done by 6-key buttons and alternatively via windows-client by Ethernet connection.
Of course the BBULL COMPACT LINE systems provide all required interfaces for connection to and in the customers network for data acquisition. Via intra- or internet the systems can be operated and maintained by remote which allows savings in service and maintenance.
During design of the systems all relevant direction has been considered to fulfil all requirements of the CE conformity.

Tính năng chính

  • compact design, inspection bridge and controller in one unit
  • minimum space requirement
  • minimum installation efforts
  • high reliability and accuracy
  • inspection for underfill and overfill (separate bridge)
  • cap inspection integrated in the inspection bridge
  • inputs for external inspection on the conveyor
  • inputs for label inspection in the machine (presence)
  • synchronisation of the shift register with the conveyor speed via encoder
  • serial fault detection
  • self diagnosis
  • manual height adjustment via spindle with digital counter
  • simple operation by 6 key buttons
  • remote operation by windows client
  • monitoring of production counters by alphanumeric display (4x20 signs)
  • interface in local language (also Cyrillic, Chinese, Korean,..)
  • password protection
  • production data acquisition (24 h)
  • production data can be collected via web interface
  • data backup on laptop via Ethernet interface
  • ODA interface via Ethernet (Weihenstephaner protocol)
  • remote diagnosis by network / internet

Ứng dụng

  • for glass, PET and canning lines
  • independent from bottle format and variety
  • installation on the conveyor, after filler, pasteurizer or labeler
  • underfill inspection
  • overfill inspection (separate bridge)
  • cap presence inspection
  • label presence inspection on the conveyor
  • label presence inspection in the machine

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